We have used the term “Genetic Giant” when describing ones that have industry leaders on both the top and bottom of their pedigree. This mating from our July 2012 flush is bred to show and produce. When flushing Guns n Roses to Shooters mother this is what we hoped to produce. 2030’s dam is a Curly doe that has proven herself time and time again. Make sure to study the front shot of this attractive female and discover for yourself the chest width, circumference of bone and forearm-without evidence of a breast bone. She ties flawlessly from neck to shoulder and shows no evidence of a traditional thick, pelty hide. She is round and shallow in her rib while still being extra-long bodied. 2030 is as good loose in the pen as she is stuck in the showring. We feel she has a great deal to offer as a show doe as well as a trend setting, profitable donor.
When we acquired the Kelly herd, one of the first breeding suggestions Mike and Kathrine gave us was to breed the older 900 does to Wizard. Luckily we did not question them. 3031 is a direct result of Wizard back on one of the old proven 900 daughters in our herd. This light headed doe is the reason why her mother is still around today. 3031 is one of the widest structured roundest ribbed does in the offering. She is a moderate female that is still tucked up in her chest and balances extremely well from the profile. Her near perfect profile will make her highly competitive in the show ring but you’ll discover her true value when her kids hit the ground.
What happens when you breed Shrek to a great patterned “Turkey Farm Doe”? Tag 3027 is a prime example of what our lined up genetics will accomplish when put on nice outcross females. Those that have seen her is person believe we were slacking when we pictured her as she looks better in person. This one is fundamentally good from end to end, offering a great look, bold rib and a wide, clean chest floor.  She is stout hipped and legged with a Sire and Dam behind her that will insure she progresses your operation forward. 3027 is what you hope they look like as you walk through your keeper pen.
Those that are students of genetics and specifically understand the difficulty of breeding goats with consistency should appreciate the narrow gamete pool this doe kid offers. When you have one this good in her bone, muscle and look, you hope she finds a good home. If flushed to a solid outcross buck the potential of her producing future sires, deadly wethers or a solid set of replacement females is unlimited. With the show ring trend progressing towards a shallow, cool look, tight hide and great rack and loin shape, 3063 is a trend setter that can put you ahead of the curve. Why are we letting this one out? It’s simple – the success of our customers will ultimately measure our success.
Tag 3138 once again brings together two ‘Genetic Giants’ in her direct pedigree. Most would question a decision to let one go with the look and muscle that this one possesses, especially when combined with her genetic profile. But once again we believe our success is derived from the success of our customers. With that in mind we have talked ourselves into letting out these ‘Breeding Pieces’ that hopefully will work as well for you as they are for us.  3138 is the complete package we hoped to generate when bringing these two proven genetic lines together. She is a long bodied, attractive doe from the profile yet handles with a grooved, muscular top and a square, wide loin. She is not overwhelming in any area, but this fault free kind is what you look for in your foundation does. The breeding options are endless here. Mate her to a power buck to produce your next great herd sire and valuable wether prospects or take her maternal and make females just like her. Either way she is worth the investment.
The dam of this doe kid is one of the elite outcross females we have in our program that compliments the Kelly genetic line. Like her mother, 2060 is an up-headed, attractive doe from the profile that is jet level and tall fronted. However, with Shrek on the top side of this pedigree, we also get that added stoutness at the ground and the hard muscle shape that is so hard to consistently generate in the wether goat industry. Here’s an opportunity to grab ahold of a genetic piece that combines the power and stoutness of a great sire with the structural correctness and tucked rib of her dam. She is the flushmate to the Champion Heavy Weight wether at the 2013 Kentucky State Fair.
Tag 2064 has Guns on the top side and Wizard on the bottom side. This flush kid possibly has two of the most proven wether sires in her direct pedigree. She presents a productive, functional look that breeders can appreciate. Solid on her feet and legs with great center rib. She is not as tucked up or shallow as some, but her easy keeping kind will wean multiple kids year after year and with a pedigree like hers, it’s hard to believe that it won’t pencil out for you.
These first Lights Out daughters have us excited about what this new sire can generate for us. As the industry moves towards a more attractive, cool look, Lights Out will become more popular during flush week. He has the ability to consistently generate a shallow rib and freaky necks without sacrificing muscle and bone. 3054 is a prime example of his capabilities. This doe’s front two thirds is truly unique. She is good through the center portion of her rib and forerib while staying shallow and pulled apart through her chest while having that up headed, cocky look. This is a breeding piece that is hard to come by and should offer plenty of return within her first year.
Tag 3064 is a twin to Lot 4. Again it is easy to see the genetic value and predictability of goats lined up this tight. You can breed her to any partial outcross and maximize heterosis while maintaining the predictability that you would expect in line bred genetics. It is simple: the more line bred the more consistent the genetic pool. It is the first step in the goat industry to be able to breed “like to like” and accomplish consistency. 3064 is not as extreme as her sister, but fundamentally good. She is big footed and heavy boned while being pulled apart through her center rib and stout out of her hip. If she produces like her mother, then she should provide a quick return on your investment.
This is a twin to our youngest daughters show wether this past summer. She naturally comes into you more like a lamb than a goat. There have been many discussions that we have bred the ability to brace and show into the good club lambs. Those of you that have 6 year old daughters can appreciate a goat that works well with a young exhibitor. Tag 3047 is out of our lead young sire, Lights Out, with a proven dam on the bottom side. This one sets up well on the profile giving us a well balanced look.
Wizard daughters consistently generate that extreme look that is starting to become popular in the wether goat ring. Shallow chested, tucked up goats that tie a slim neck high out of their shoulder have a way of catching the judge’s eye as they enter the ring. This light headed doe is no exception. She is an attractive, cool looking female from the profile. Well balanced and parallel in her lines. She is elevated in her chest and tall fronted. Just breed her to a stout boned, big hipped buck and wait for your next great wether or buck prospect to hit the ground.

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