Hummel Livestock has purchased Kelly Meat Goats in its Entirety.

Hummel Livestock is excited to take on the challenge of keeping the genetic base that the Kelly family has put together on top of the wether game. We are fortunate that Mike has agreed to continue to give us guidance in our breeding decisions. With his assistance we have identified the top 40 does and put them into an aggressive embryo transfer program. With our combined ET and AI program, as well as the addition of Guns N Roses and Shakedown to our breeding pool as partial outcross bucks, we are confident that we can move forward at an accelerated pace.

Having been involved in other successful business ventures with which the success has revolved around customer service and ultimately customer satisfaction, we intend to approach the goat business in the same manner. This is a business that we plan to turn over to our children. With this in mind, we plan on doing everything possible to develop a solid customer base and set an ideal example for our children to follow. We look forward to meeting many of the past Kelly customers, as well as those that are just getting started in the wether world. We intend to foster relationships with both feeders and breeders across the country. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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